1. Chapter 1

    Peer pressure man, I apologize ahead of time if I make any horrendous grammatical errors. I have a tendency to go off on tangents, so this stuff isn’t exactly in chronological order. This also just part one, might make others, but I may not have the time. This part concerns my grandmother mostly with some other background things.

    Born on 12/19/1993 at the Santa Clara Kaiser I believe, I’ve always been in Santa Clara, don’t know if I’ll move ever, but I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? My mother is of Greek, Irish, English, German, Scottish and Welsh descent, she lived in Santa Clara growing up also I believe, but my grandparents retired at Guerneville, a town full of old people and maybe one or two stores, we’ll get back to this whole oddly named town later. My father was adopted by my grandma, Nana (real name Anne Locke) and Cal Locke during the ‘60s I think, lol I should really find this stuff out. Just recently, as in end of last month, my father talked to his biological mother for the first time, but we’ll get back to that later. Nana had a sister (who just died very recently, end of last month again, same week) and a brother (dead also). I’ve looked at many old pictures of her and she looked remarkably like her younger self before her health problems started. There are many old family videos that I saw, one of which I think was at old faithful, I liked it because it had almost all of my dad’s family in it, my great uncle Carter wearing the same ridiculous overalls, my grandma filming it, and Cal just chilling. Nana was also surprisingly strong for her age, well maybe not strong, but energetic in a way having to always watch me and entertain me, I was a handful when I was younger, maybe I still am… Nana basically was my third parent during the kindergarten to 8th grade years, stopping at 8th grade because she had a stroke. I remember coming to her house everyday before school and eating breakfast with my dad and sister. Sometimes we had pancakes, other times we had eggs and toast, but usually I had waffles. All of us used to watch the news and just talk, I think it brought us together a little bit. I remember on 9/11 watching the two towers collapse over and over again on the television, my grandma thought it was a cartoon of some sort, and I remember my dad just sitting there and watching it, I remember I asked if that meant world war 3 was starting, (I wasn’t scared, just interested) he just laughed and tried to explain it to me, but I just didn’t really understand. Well anyways, after school Nana used to pick me up from Eisenhower, (even though it was less than a 10 minutes walk) and take me to her house, which is conveniently across the street from mine. Nana fed me when I got there and I had to wait at her house till my mom got home from her job at Regnart Elementary as a 5th grade teacher everyday; as you can guess, I had to find stuff to do after a while. I played sega genesis most of the time, lusting to play my n64 when my mom got home. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Cal died before I was born due to smoking, nice man I heard, but sadly never got to meet him. Anyway, when I got bored playing Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, I just decided to just run around my grandma’s property. Sometimes I went into the playhouse and saw all the creepy crawlies, sometimes I just pet the cat that was there, and other times I just sat in the big cushy chair that Nana had. I’m probably making it sound like she didn’t do anything interactive with me, but that isn’t true at all. She helped me with my homework everyday and told me to sit on her lap while she read me either Edgar Allan Poe or Captain Underpants, they go hand in hand actually. I remember her always amusing me with her witty comments to combat my whining when asked to do something after she cooked and cleaned up after me. We used to have a big family Thanksgiving dinner at her house every year with myself, herself, my dad, my mom, Katy, my two guy cousins, Marshall and Mitchell, my girl cousin, Roni, and my aunt Susan and Uncle David. The group of cousins used to play hide and seek every time before and after dinner, and just hung out at Nana’s house all day conversing with each other. We still have these dinners, but the people have changed and we aren’t kids anymore so we can’t get away with running around the house all day giggling. I remember when I heard she had a heart attack in kindergarten, and I didn’t want to see her because I was scared to see her be completely different than the Nana I had seen just the other day. This whole routine, the heart attack thing excluded, went on until 8th grade and she had a stroke. My parents think she might have had a couple little one’s before the big one because of her health spiking severely in the month that the bad one hit. When my sister told me the news, I was playing Assassin’s Creed for the 360. Don’t remember even pausing my game, I think I was a little overwhelmed and wished that it was nothing big or that it didn’t happen. I eventually went to see her at the hospital, she was hardly the same person, weak, confused, tired, it really hit me, but I still loved her and told her she looked fine as did the rest of my family. She moved from hospital to hospital to a home to back at her house. She lives with two Filipino caregivers and she has made some improvement, but I still miss my old Nana, and the eggs she used to make. I’m kinda sad that I can’t share any specific old memories about her at the moment, but maybe I’ll remember them later. I still love her as much as I did before her stroke, maybe even more now that she needs support. I’m sorry if I wrote this in a kinda sad way, but I was listening to some pretty depressing music, but it’s actually really good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ave0TvPi0DI

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    AP test tomorrow, took a glance at the calculus formulas, should be fine.

    Fuck waking up at 6:50 tho

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